The wet August has gone someway to alleviate some damage caused to many fairways by the earlier dry conditions. The staff have been out spraying wetting agent, soluble feed and seaweed to affected areas when time and weather allowed. The plan is still to hollow core, over seed and feed the poorer fairways from 8th September onwards and this will bring much welcomed recovery.

The greens have continued to present superb playing putting surfaces with a Fescue dominated sward now evident, over seeding will be carried out in the first week of October when soil temperatures are beneficial for germination. We will be introducing some Bent seed into the hollows on 7, 10 and 17 to thin out some of the Poa Annua ( annual meadow grass ) which thrives in wetter areas. The greens have also had wetting agent applied at monthly intervals along with bio stimulants and root developing Potassium products and these have proved a success. The tees have also benefited from a similar regime, although not as frequent. Hollow coring will be carried out on poorer tees when time allows in Autumn.

The Amazone rough mower has been out frequently thinning out the Yorkshire Fog and Annual Meadow Grass evident in the second cut of rough. We are now seeing the more desirable Fescue, Timothy etc return to these areas.
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